Water Dance

~KicKassie'sKreations~ Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs and Leather


~Water Dance~

A continuously smooth flow gracefully changed form too quickly to capture each single movement. Effortless motions coursed so gracefully they appeared to become one. Light magnified this dance as it kissed the rushing water top giving it an iridescent, mirror-like glow. Movements harmonized so wildly yet perfect at the same time. The sun appeared to pirouette before kissing the water as if to say, "Goodnight." Viewers sat for countless hours reflecting meditatively until eyelids closed, as this never-ending spectacular show ebbed and flowed on into darkness summoning the moon to join in the dance. Eternal rhythms and water sounds lulled each visitor to sleep until the sun was once again requested to join in this eternal dance. Chrysocolla, believed to enhance communication, dances with hematite across this beauty resembling a rolling, ever-changing water top.

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