Beyond the Blue



Beyond the Blue
Looking out over vast stretches of various hues of blue, one tiny soul felt a strong over-taking feeling.  The attraction of the unknown somewhere distant from shore urged the brave soul to man a tiny vessel in search of secrets hidden away by the elements long ago.  Something the tiny soul had heard years ago came to mind~ Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.  Holding onto this thought, the soul let go of his need to see the shoreline, as his need for adventure far outweighed every other desire.  Somewhere along the journey, the soul began to realize how much power and strength he had all along as the Universe granted him sights he only imagined in his wildest dreams.  A daring adventurer exists in all of us.  We simply must let go of our comforts and embark on impossible journeys beyond the blue to awaken our own wild wanderer.

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