Crater Lake Bracelet



~Crater Lake Bracelet~

When you see a trail marked "difficult," what next action do you take? Do you think, "bring it on!"? Or do you simply walk away. The choices we make on our trails of life depict both who we currently are and who we will become. The lake that inspired the "kreation" of this bracelet is one that has lured me back time and time again. It's stunning, quiet, tranquil beauty is well- worth the "difficult" hike in and out. 

This lake sits a minimum 1.8 mile hike away from any road, which seems easy until... the somewhat slight incline turns into a steep hike down a steep hill via switchbacks that make the trek longer, yet a bit more manageable. The stunning lake peaks through the trees throughout the downward hike, teasing every curious bone in one's body. The experience is like life itself- difficult at times, but well- worth it, as the beauty nature offers in this place is of a magical essence. This lake is clear and shallow in parts, and while it seems small to the eye, it drops off to extreme depths at a rapid rate- up to at least 65 feet deep in parts. Quite a spectacular treat for those willing to take the challenging path to reap the benefits of this place. 

The turns on this bracelet were formed to meander as a dusty, rocky trail. The Amazonite and square hematite were added to simulate Crater Lake peeking through the trees at several points along the trail of switchbacks. Finally, the larger hematite was added to reflect the top of the lake as it shines from a distance when looking out across it to its deepest parts. Remember to take those "difficult" trails, as many of Nature's best kept secrets are tucked away there. 

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