KicKassie's Kreations Our Story

Lifelong residents of Wyoming and outdoor enthusiasts

Owners of KicKassie's Kreations (Kassie and Shane) are a husband and wife team who grew up surrounded by nature.  They both come from ranching families that were homesteaders.  The outdoors became each of their playgrounds while growing up, and each appreciated its beauty in his/her own way.  Kassie grew up taking weekly rides to the mountains, just minutes from her family's home.  Camping, hiking, fishing, floating the North Platte were all common activities enjoyed by all.  Kassie also became very interested in crafts and art and loved to make and look at beautiful things.  From a very young age, Shane worked on his family ranch which sat at the base of three mountains and learned how preciously valuable nature was all around him.  In his spare time on the ranch, he enjoyed learning to tool and sew leather.  The two started dating in high school and moved to Laramie, WY where they both graduated with degrees in psychology/education (Kassie) and business administration (Shane).  This all occurred simultaneously to having two children, which Kassie stayed home with while Shane worked construction jobs.  The values of spending time together outdoors in nature have been passed on to the couple's two children, Kodi (18 years old), and Tristan (15 years old).  Family time is enjoyed in the nearby mountains hiking, fishing, camping, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.  Strongly influenced by nature, KicKassie's Kreations was formed as a means for the couple to reconnect with and share their creative abilities.  It began with Kassie making and selling her nature-inspired bracelets at the local farmer's market, which evolved into Shane adding some leather work and building a website.  The business continues to grow thanks to the support of loyal customers who both enjoy seeing and visiting with at all of the markets and shows.  Both feel that creating things is a part of who they are- it's something that helps them feel at ease and also challenges them to incorporate novel designs and ideas to keep customers excited to check out their creations.  Each creation has a story written by Kassie to tell about the inspiration and feelings behind the piece.  According to the couple, details are crucial-just as in nature so many details exist if we stop and look around long enough to appreciate such brilliance.