Natures Beauty

Beauty is everywhere. Take the time to stop and see the world around you. We take the back roads whenever we travel and go slow so we don't miss it.

Yesterday we took a drive up to the mountains. Saw this amazing butterfly at 9,000 ft. It was odd to see this little guy so far up on the mountain still. We couldn't pass up the chance to stop and take a picture with it. It sat on the branch not moving much since it was chilly. After we took some pictures and enjoyed the area around for a while that had a thick 8" blanket of snow covering it a week ago, we watched him fly off into the trees.

What a difference a few days makes. The snow was still in some of the shady areas, melting away slowly. Water making it way down to the streams that feed the rivers and creeks that are so low this time of year.

A little further down the road we saw another little creature. A porcupine meandered  across the road. Of course we had to stop and admire him. We left our dog in the car for obvious reasons and kept a safe distance so we didn't scare him. He walked over to a log about 20' away from us stood up on his hind legs and looked back watching us. He made my kids think of the character from Over the Hedge. He stood there watching us looking and wondering what we were and what we were doing. He was not camera shy, we may have been the only people this porcupine had ever seen. We bid him farewell and were on our way home.