Babbling Brook Bracelet



~The Babbling Brook~

If you ever get the chance (or several chances) sit near a tiny stream or brook. Close your eyes...just listen as the water trickles very quietly by. Focus on that tiny sound the water makes as it flows ever so gently over rocks. Breathe the air near this place is incredibly pure and clean.  Open your eyes...lean down near this brook and see this occurrence from the perspective of a tiny being. Now, imagine...reach out and slowly touch that place where the water splashes as it cascades down miniature waterfalls.  You have just experienced this miraculous tiny place using four of your senses! Some of Nature's wonders come in tiny sizes. We just have to remind ourselves to stop... slow down... and take the time to experience them first-hand. 

This bracelet features: hematite and silver accents slowly cascade around this wrist adornment to meet with a narrow metal closure. 

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