The Still Water



~The Stillwater~
Come with me to a place where tall grasses tower over the banks of a river that cuts deep through the land within an open meadow-like park.  Elk, deer, black bears, and other small footed creatures claim this as their home. Aquatic life thrives in the slow meandering river here, as well.  Many adventures with tales to accompany them have occurred in this place. One such tale is about a Brook Trout that just happened to be the very first fish caught by a young fisherman. "What's so special about that?" one might say. This young fisherman reeled this fish in excitedly enough to find an even greater treasure inside the fish's throat. A tiny choral frog had recently been the snack of the greedy brook trout. The young fisherman, with help of his father, carefully removed the frog from the trout's throat and placed it softly back near the water's edge. Excited about the surprising events of the day, the young fisherman continued to cast his line for a couple hours.  All the while, the tiny frog remained close to his side....and eventually hopped with him home. And the moral of this story: Don't bite at your next meal while another is still alive in your throat, or you might end up a meal yourself. Luck can turn at anytime if one is too greedy. And so this tale ends with one of many lessons learned in Stillwater Park...

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