Stepping Stones



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~Stepping Stones~
Paths showcasing stones might entice one to meander down an intentional direction to view an amazing feature either man-made or formed by nature herself. As one steps, stones may be counted in a playful or meditative way. Imagine-you are taking a leisurely stroll down a path and come to a wide creek flowing swiftly by. You pause... searching for the perfect path of stones to get across dry and safe. Mapped out, at first, you begin slowly placing your feet on each carefully selected stone. Stepping-right, left, right, and left- you move with intention happy with each choice you have made. Suddenly, an obstacle appears you hadn't considered, which throws you a bit off balance. A stone that seemed to be there at first glance is not there. Your mind searches for a solution, which finally flows to you and you take action. You balance and pick up another stone and carefully place it firmly where it needs to be. Your next step on that stone is one of pride, as you know you took that overlooked flaw and fixed it. In life, you view each mistake as a stepping stone, in which you carefully place each under your feet as a reminder and support you can use to cross any "stream" in your path.

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