Laughs in Flowers



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~Laughs in Flowers~ do we read every single one? How miraculous is it that we can understand one another through words, facial expressions, writing, and sometimes no signs or symbols at all? This concept is something I have pondered since I can remember. The first time I peeled back a yogurt lid with that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote and uncovered this treasure of words, I was dumbstruck with even more wonder. "The Earth Laughs in Flowers," -Ralph Waldo Emerson... I uttered quietly in my mind, and all throughout the day. If ever there were a short grouping of words that when put together could bring a smile to one's face, this would be them. While Mother Nature does express herself in many ways, laughter is an almost explosive emotion, which requires many "colors," shapes, sizes, and seasons of expression. I imagine- Mother Nature so purely, overly happy wishing to share her joy with all others overflowing so much so that flowers, as laughs, pop up everywhere entrancing all in her blissfully colorful, giggling expression.

This wavy bracelet is an great for any occasion with the silver and hematite mixture

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