~The Stillwater Custom Belt~

KicKassie's Kreations


~The Stillwater Custom Belt~

Simple, Sophisticated, Stylish

Custom tooled to your liking or a plain strap dyed to your preference. Each belt is made to order and cut by hand from the best parts of the hide. Veg tan leather is used exclusively for every belt. 

The plain and tooled belts are designed to be used and abused every day. The dress belts are thinner and intended for occasional use.  

Tooled belts are 10-12 oz leather (4.0-4.5mm)

Plain belts are 8-9 oz leather (3.2-3.6mm) 

Dress belts are 5-6 oz leather (2.0-2.4mm)

Email kassie@kickassieskreations.com for any questions on our belts.

For the best fit please take your favorite or most used belt and measure from the tip of the buckle to the most used hole. This will ensure the best possible fit. 

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Hand made, one at a time; constructed to last the lifetime they are guaranteed for. 

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