~The Journey Clutch~

~KicKassie'sKreations~ Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs and Leather


~The Journey Clutch~
It has been said that it's the journey that holds all of the riches and priceless moments in life. No matter your destination, the Journey Clutch will carry just enough for all of those short, spontaneous outings you seek.  Sleek and small, yet ready to carry your most prized treasures, this clutch may become your new favorite sidekick wherever your journey takes you.
She whispered to me that her name was journey... "Come along anytime you'd like," she trilled!  I'll carry your treasures, prized possessions, and troubles all away... 😉🏝🐬🐬

 The perfect addition to any night out. Holds any cell phone, wallet, make up accessories you might need and more. Big enough for your essentials and small enough to take anywhere.

Hand Cut and Hand Sewn, Lifetime Guarantee.

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