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Simple, Sophisticated, Stylish

These products will wander with you wherever you wander...in search of the world's treasures...collect the experiences-filling your heart's desires all along the way...

Wallets, Bags, Totes, Holsters and more

I offer Bespoke leather goods as well. If you can dream I can make it.  Email shane@kickassieskreations.com for your custom product.

Each item is handcrafted in the heart of the Snowy Range using only full grain American Leather. Every tannery I purchase from whether its cow hides or buffalo hides all use only American grown livestock. Growing up on a family ranch in Wyoming we know how many people are affected by the agricultural industry and are proud to support it and be part of it.

All of our leather products are hand cut and hand sewn, no machines or presses are ever used. I saddle stitch most everything we make. This process uses one piece of thread that is passed through each side of the leather. This makes the product stronger and last longer. If the thread does wear or break it wont come completely undone like using a machine. This process takes longer but means the product is meant to last a lifetime. Every leather product is guaranteed for life (even if your dog chews it up). I still use the first holster and saddlebag I made over 20 years ago.