Blue Skies and Wildflowers



~Blue Skies and Wildflowers~

Imagine a day spent in a solitary meadow with nothing to do but lie on your back amongst the swaying grasses and wildflowers and stare up at the blue sky.  Watching clouds pass by as they turn into various creatures real and fantastical alike is one task that may occur here.  On these rare and perfect days, it can sometimes seem like the sky's the limit.  Sometimes small strolls through nature can help us gain better insight into our lives and provide us with a clear perspective.

Wear this band, made up of faceted Turquoise and Glass Crystal with a Silver Flower Button, as a reminder to take strolls through nature. Look up at the sky and see what images the clouds offer for your amusement on a beautifully blue-sky kind of day. You're sure to return from your jaunt inspired, refreshed, and more positive than ever. 

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