Roam Mini Bracelet



~Roam "Mini" Bracelet~

This version of a popular bracelet is "mini"-sized for those who prefer smaller wrist adornments. It still shows off its share of turquoise and freshwater pearls, as well as a buffalo nickel button closure. 

Regardless of the stage in life one currently resides, the attraction to the idea of freely and aimlessly roaming exists to a certain extent in all of us. By definition, "roam" means, "to walk, go, or travel without a fixed purpose or direction; ramble; wander." On many weekends, my family and I get the chance to roam to wide-open spaces filled with fresh mountain scents and views as far as the eye can see. This bracelet is a reminder to roam... No matter how busy or old you get, don't stop wandering...keep rambling on!

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