Zen Whispers

~KicKassie'sKreations~ Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs and Leather


~Zen Whispers~
I've made up my mind...
I'm going all in...
On my way~
To find this "Zen."

Walking slowly~
A few breaths away...
Down peaceful avenue,
And I plan to stay.

With any luck,
It should appear...
Creep slowly in...
Drawing my breaths near.

The nothingness...
It's welcoming embrace...
Racing thoughts,
I no longer chase.

For it is here I sit.
Only the present I feel.
Silence~simple serenity
One with Zen~ Be Still.


This peacefully serene bracelet showcases clear Quartz flowing around one solo crazy blue lace agate bead and is finished simply with a bamboo button closure. 

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