To the Moon and Back

~KicKassie'sKreations~ Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs and Leather


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~To the Moon and Back~

As dusk set in, a tiny soul's eyelids began to close. But, not before the small voice uttered, "I love you to the moon." The comforting soul very close responded light-heartedly with a soft whisper, "I love you to the moon and back." 477,800 miles... this is the approximate distance of a round trip to the moon and back. As humans, we are constantly trying to quantify things such as how much we love another- as the beloved saying goes, " I love you to the moon and back." Now, just imagine that incredible journey if one could travel straight up to the moon, touch it, and return. Sensory experiences one can only imagine in dreams, intertwined with the exciting feelings of experiencing something magnificent for the first time. No wonder why we attempt to measure the greatest treasure on earth with such an exuberant journey! Labradorite is the star of this bracelet to provide strength and perseverance throughout an ever-changing journey all the way to the moon and back.

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