The Suspenseful Storm



~The Suspenseful Storm~
Sounds of rocks falling echo from a far off distance, as dark, ominous clouds slowly drift in. One solitary man, his horse, and dog must begin a downward trek through tough terrain below to seek safety. One may think he has time, but getting off of a rocky, rigid peak before it arrives, is not a task to be taken lightly.  At times such as this, an instinctual drive flows through each of the living beings as it pushes them on to secure cover. The once faint crashing echoes become louder, as darkness surrounds the canyon below. No other noise is experienced by the three beings as they have been warned by nature to hustle to shelter. The three stumble and quickly rise again and again, as rain begins to slowly fall. Finally, a grouping of trees appears in the close distance, promising a bit of comfort to the now drenched and tired three. They hunch down together in the blanketing embrace of the trees, while waiting out the rage of the storm. At last- a faint glow appears in the sky, as the sun fights to peak through the darkness. The three slowly stand strong in one solitary shining stream of light as it stretches to surround these few who somehow knew just how to survive the seemingly spiteful, suspenseful storm. 

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