The Shifter

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 🌊The Shifter🌊
One soul felt incredibly insignificant as she sat watching enormous waves engulf one another on the raging surface of the sea.  “It goes as far as I can see.  Who am I compared to this spectacular wonder? “ She sat in awe all alone for what seemed only a brief moment until she felt a comforting presence all around her.  A warm coastal breeze embrace soothed her as crashing tides seemed to whisper calming thoughts as they softly kissed the sandy shore.  Fear and sadness slowly transformed into peace-filled ideas of endless possibilities.  “I too go as far as I can see, for I am part of this spectacular wonder.”  The calm, content soul stood proudly as waves slowed into calmer waters gently caressing each grain of sand.  The soul promised herself to always carry with her the soothing sights and sounds at the shoreline-reminders of her own power to shift her thoughts in the crash of a wave.  
How do you shift your thoughts from something negative to positive?  Do you take a deep breath?  Think of all of the things you are grateful for?  Turn on music and dance?  Wear this bracelet as a reminder that you have the incredible power to shift your mind wherever and whenever you want. Be thankful for your struggles, as they may have revealed your strengths.  Let go of regret, worry, competing, or anything else weighing you down.  Be courageous on your journey towards becoming who you’re meant to be!

(With this one, you can carry your favorite essential oil scent with you!  Just put a couple drops on the lava stones and you’re on your way!)

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