The Seeker

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❄️The Seeker❄️

 A curious soul sat on a sturdy chunk of granite near a babbling stream contemplating all of life’s great questions.  He sat contentedly as he knew he had arrived at just the perfect moment to witness an often unseen miracle.  The way in which the intricate crystals began to appear, as if being painted before his very eyes, never ceased to amaze and feed his wonder of the magical unknown.  Sunlight offered an even more dazzling effect as every perfect crystal glistened hypnotizing his calmed blue eyes.  Even though the soul sat in a frigid realm, he couldn’t help but feel warmed by such an enchanting show.  Ever-changing, crystal clear cold waters slowed as they morphed into their solid form-ice.  Tickled to his core, the tiny soul took several more glances at the now frozen stream as he walked back through a frosted, enchanted archway of trees.  He then thought-restoration from rest...strength from growth... all from change... for I am the seeker-the seeker of change!  He smiled knowing that he’d return again, when the sun would warm enough for tiny colorful flowers to emerge from the snow, in the waking of his secret sleeping, ever-changing realm.  

 Clear quartz (as a reminder of ice) is said to encourage clarity of thought and purpose to one’s heart and mind.  Hematite (simulating reflective, moving water) is said to absorb negative energy and calm during times of stress and worry.  The perfect combination of stones to wear through any and all of life’s changes.  

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