The Meadow



🌾🌸🌿The Meadow🌿🌼🌾
Sitting serenely, seeding stalks sway smoothly side-to-side in the soft, swift breeze. A harmonious symphony of colors decorate this opening in the forest waving vividly happy hues. Something hidden emerges from the luscious depths of the grass--tiny, tan-colored with white spots marking its youthful innocence. The muted trickling of water over rocks echoes from the stream feeding this glorious realm. Rays in just the perfect amount of light shine down on tiny sparkling drops of dew, as winged orange and black beauties flutter about joining in on quite a Meadow Melody.
🌼🌸🌾Meet me in the meadow...I'll bring the daydreams!🌾🌸🌼

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