The Forest Fairy Bracelet

~KicKassie's Kreations~ Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs and Leather


The Forest Fairy
Tucked under protective limbs of willows along the mossy-blanketed shores of a babbling brook rests a miniature realm only entered when enchanted by her magic. If she wishes you to see her or the mystical world she is apart of, you are one of the lucky chosen few. Brilliant sparkling particles drift slowly all around as each captures the perfect amount of light illuminating all things near. Tiny winged beauties flutter about in perfect harmony with each babble from the nearby brook. She sits in a captivatingly, dazzling way upon her willow thrown embellished with the finest tiny floral bouquets fit for a queen. Those lucky enough to be one with this realm await her soprano-like voice to trill-stopping every nearby creature in its tracks. Those who have entered this veil may awaken next to a toadstool fairy ring smiling contentedly in delight understanding the secrets told in small trilling whispers that can be carried forever... treasured always-of her and the enchanted forest fairy realm.

Wear this double-wrap bracelet as a reminder to always look for magic.  Believe in impossible things, as you did when you were a kid.  Fluorite and hematite for protection and balance dance gracefully into an antique silver forest flower button.  

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