~KicKassie'sKreations~ Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs and Leather



Elements come together in both violent and harmonious ways-as slowly hydrogen is formed into helium, which gradually is built into carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and all other elements you are made of. When a star gets to the end of its life, it may swell up and fall back together shedding its outer layers. Sometimes stars will burst into a supernova- a beautiful explosion in which it ejects most of its mass outward on its way to its expression as something else. In this sense, most of what you are made of came from the remnants of dying stars-materials as old as the Universe itself.

Wear this bracelet as a reminder of how unique of an expression in nature you truly are at this brief moment in the history of the Universe. Agates simulate the ever changing colors of intense reds to cool blues that mingle into picturesque hues of pinks and purples-remnants of the end of a star’s life bursting into new beginnings. Mother of Pearl encompasses each agate to protect and guide through each journey towards your own personal destiny.

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