Nature's Simplistic Riches

~KicKassie'sKreations~ Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs and Leather


~Nature's Simplistic Riches~
As part of nature, we search-digging, uncovering, trekking, diving, flying...trying to seek the secrets of life-treasures we believe once in our grasp will complete us and leave us eternally happy. However, when we return, we may feel a sullen void after searching far and wide outside ourselves. The lucky few come to find that the secrets so many are searching for lie within themselves. These few have ventured out and connected with Nature and all her beauty and felt that inner reminder that they too are a part of this miraculous realm.
Amongst this arm adornment Nature's riches-shades of green dance with flowers and leaves- putting on quite a spectacular show for the souls of those lucky few... might you be one too?

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