Nature's Nurturer



~Nature's Nurturer~

Honesty, Compassion, Patience... Most people living today or during any time in history, tend to lack one or all three of these important qualities. However, throughout time, elephants have been known to exude all three. It is said when an elephant sets his or her mind to do something, wavering will not occur until the task is complete- portraying patience and tenacity at its finest. An elephant displays honesty and trustworthiness in very remarkable ways in letting others know just where he stands regarding feelings about others or situations. The elephant is very compassionate, which may be seen in how he or she cares for others around- animal and human alike. Nurturing is in an elephant's nature. This bracelet showcases elephants boldly standing their ground amongst turquoise and sea sediment jasper. Both stones are said to possess properties of patience, honesty, and compassion, making the harmony of this wrist adornment well-worth showcasing.

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