Nature's Enchantress



~Nature's Enchantress~

In this magical realm ruled by a mystical feminine beauty, time seems to move at a different pace. Senses are heightened as she teaches one to become more aware of sounds, acquire the desire to touch all surroundings, and to develop a need to admire the tiniest occurrences. Colors, once unnoticed to the untrained eye, glow brightly against the day's perfect lighting, and fade too quickly away. The once faint sounds of a bird's harmoniously-tuned song become a full-bodied masterpiece for one's ears. The feeling of plush, green moss at one's fingertips turns into a sensory-overload seemingly placed perfectly begging to be brushed. Her trance has enchanted many, so one must be careful... she makes lustrous promises to keep drawing all she encounters into the depths of her secret enchanted hideaways.

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