~Tales of the Leaf Leather Double Wrap~



~Tales of the Leaf~

As the light started to stay for longer bursts of time, I took the leap and sprang open as a voice of reason told me to do so. I emerged from a bud and felt life all around me as well as running through my own veins. I looked on in awe at what first appeared to be an immensely extraordinary living being near to me and listened expecting wise words to emerge. It was then that I realized I was connected to this amazing part of nature. The life running through myself, was also the same life running through something much, much bigger than myself. It was at that very moment when I began to understand that all life is miraculous... incredible, sensational, and marvelously unbelievable so very much of, if not all of, the time.



Simple, elegant and stylish. These double wrap bands can be worn as accents to any other bracelets or as statement pieces on their own.

Band is .5" width.

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