Keepers of the Night and The Wise Protector Set



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The perfect stack-able pair

~The Wise Protector~

Across time, the owl has been thought to be many things including wise, a keeper of sacred knowledge and secrets, and a protector of many things both living and non-living. It has been known for its incredible sight, especially at night.

Wear this single strand around your wrist as a guardian of wisdom and supporter of knowledge and sight. The owl has been carefully paired with various protection and balancing stones including Mother of Pearl, Crazy Blue Lace Agate, and hematite.

~Keepers of the Night~
Darkness sneaks in as the last light of day fades away. Tones of grey, shadows of black, and other concealing shades all begin to take forms unrecognizable to the untrained eye. Yet, beings of the night begin to emerge in this realm- a brief burst of time when they reign as rulers and keepers of the night. Taking over as watchmen of the darkness, these beings wait patiently vigilant sitting high above all else.  When the time comes, these winged beings take flight, recognizing, as clearly as day, every shape and movement in darkest regions and shadows gifted by the night.  As predators and protectors, these beings possess that beautifully instinctual drive to thrive on by taking advantage of skills uniquely theirs. 
This arm decoration can be worn as a reminder to use and share your own beautifully, unique talents; in this essence, becoming your own keeper of the night. 

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