Hope Lake Bracelet



~The Hope Lake Bracelet~

There is a place I know of that doesn't show up as named on any map. It's a small pond that sits overlooking a beautiful valley below. The moniker my family and I gave this place is "Hope Lake," named so because of something lost there. So the story goes~ one warm, sunny, summer day, my family and I were camping near a tiny lake without a name. My brother and I were drawn to the water, like all living things, and chose to wade right in. When we got out, I realized I hadn't taken off the adornment I had been wearing on my toe, which was inscribed "Hope." We searched a long time for the ring, but never recovered it. Thus, this place without a name now carries a special treasure and a little "Hope."

This kreation shows off several "Hope Stones"(Amazonite), as well as lapis lazuli and hematite. It's tied up with an antique silver button and strung on dark leather. 

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