**Hocus Pocus



One of my favorite Halloween movies of all time is Hocus Pocus, which seems fitting of the name for this piece. Unleash your inner magic with this special, "classically creepy" arm decoration.  Iridescent purple-hued beads pass through a calcite bead to change to an eerie-like green bead, and then back again. What's more? Turn out the lights and this bracelet puts on a magical glowing show in the dark! 

A spook-tacular adornment for all of those Autumn and Halloween parties. This bracelet is just plain fun, and even tied with special black thread to add to the creepy effect. A purplish- black swirled closure helps unleash the magic! Get yours today before they disappear...


This bracelet features: glow in the dark calcite, silver and blue accent beads and a mussel shell button on matte grey leather twisted for a unique look

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