~Forget-Me-Not Leather Single Band~



~The Forget-Me-Not~

An ancient legend I once heard includes a story of a knight dressed in his armor walking by the river with his love, who spotted some tiny, pretty blue flowers. In attempts to get the flowers to give to her, the knight fell into the water and was pulled down by the weight of his armor. However, before he was gone, he shouted, Forget-me-not!" Most of us have all experienced a special someone departing from our lives too soon. Whether it be due to taking different paths in life or death, we are reminded of these individuals often by how much influence they had on our lives. Until we cross paths with them again, may we "forget-them-not" as they live on in infinite ways through memories and stories


Simple, elegant and stylish. This modest band comes in multiple widths and colors to fit any occasion. Bands can be worn as accents to any other bracelets or as statement pieces on their own.

Pictured on .5" band.

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