Flow Bracelet




It's the feeling you get when you are in your true element-that place or activity you have done so many times that it just comes naturally, easily...almost effortless. Although this wasn't always so... at one time in your life, this activity or place posed many challenges for you as you invested long hours and practiced repeatedly. But now... you resort to this place as a refuge where you find great comfort as you go through every motion with ease. Each small movement flows smoothly into the next. As a magnificent part of nature simulating the effortless flow of water or the cycle of the tides, you too, flow.
This kreation can remind us to seek out those difficult places and activities until they become a strength for us. Turquoise, aventurine, aquamarine, blue moonstone, and silver accents all flow around this bracelet effortlessly linked by "flow" knots.

This flowing double wrap bracelet includes turquoise, blue moonstone, aventurine, aquamarine and silver accents with a silver button closure

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