Greens of Life



~Greens of Life~

In our world, the color green marks those areas thriving with life. Green meadows provide an abundance of food for many living organisms. Rainforests are some of the greenest places on the planet, and they also support the most life. It's no wonder as to why we, as living beings, are also drawn towards those "green" locations. 

This bracelet with its shades of green can be carried along as a reminder that "the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence." Root and water yourself and those you love where you are, and good things are sure to grow! 

This wrist--wear showcases faceted dyed fire agate with metal accents beads and metal decorative closure. Fire agate is interesting, as it formed long ago when hot water mixed with silica and iron oxide filled cracks in surrounding rocks. 

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