Creation of Summer



☀️🌸🌊Creation of Summer🌊🌸☀️


She awoke with a smile still dazed from the surreal images she had seen- the soothing sound of waves crashing against soft, white sands echoed of something so very warm and familiar.  Hints of jasmine and plumeria wafted in on a salt-kissed coastal breeze.  She began to fill a canvas with strokes of purples and pinks-somehow appearing vibrant and pastel at the same time.  She demanded her brush to create that feeling of dancing in a field of flowers, of passion and butterflies that linger after a kiss,  of the anticipation of adventure awaiting each seasonal traveler.  Soft strokes quickly turned into a harmonious symphony as colors splashed explosively.  She dreamt of lazy days in hammocks, good books, the sound of children’s laughter, the magic of campfires, rivers and streams to meander down, immense mountains to climb, and soft sands to lay on.  A low, deep conch horn sounded with one final brush stroke.  Sun rays danced in, the scent of rose petals filled the air, and pure magical joy filled the hearts of all with the creation of summer. ☀️

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