Cabin in the Woods



~Cabin in the Woods~

I know of a retreat, buried amongst Pines, Aspens, and willows that waits to eagerly offer all its comforts to those who visit there.  Sitting high above the forest floor, one might choose to sit in silence as leaves rustle, grasses sway, and chimes share a steady, melodic tune to the rhythm of the slight breeze. Birds delight the sense of sight with colors of blues, browns, oranges, and reds. Wildflowers peak through greens and browns- a harmonious display that captivates all who wonder here. In this place, chipmunks scamper about on the softly-bedded pine cone covered carpet. Faint familiar melodic tunes drift to one's ears, as "Rocky Mountain High," "Let it Be," Crocodile Rock," and "On the Road Again," take turns spinning on an old turntable. It is here one comes to find solitude and serenity, a place to sit and catch up with family and friends, or maybe just a good long nap. 

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