Be Still Necklace



~Be Still~ (necklace)

Calming stones rest amongst light leather tied in a peacefully flowing knot.  In a world that sometimes gets wild, loud, and crazy, this set is a reminder to be still... Even if it's just for a short moment. Nature itself finds a balance between movement and stillness.  Water rushes to where it needs to go, wind can gust at many miles per hour at times, and life can grow and change at rapid rates; however, nature also balances these feats with a quiet stillness while snow softly falls, the peace offered at sunrise/sunset, and the slumber many living things experience during hibernation.  We too must be reminded to take the time to just be... Be still...

This bracelet and necklace features: howlite, blue moonstone, aquamarine and blue lace agate with a silver button closure

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