Be Calm Bracelet



~Be Calm Bracelet~

A voice so soft whispers to you, "Be calm," as chaos rages all around you. You take deep breaths and focus on finding that place of inner calm where you can seek refuge. Nothing bad can touch you here in this sanctuary where you are in total control. "Just be calm," the voice trills a little louder... It is then you remind yourself you are part of nature, which is an excellent model of becoming calm after a storm. Listen to this voice knowing that this, like all other things, will pass. You will move calmly forward into the brightness and times of more control. Courageously collected, content, and controlled you course with the current of calm within yourself.

Wear this tranquil band with soothing beads of aquamarine, blue moonstone, mother of pearl, and opalite as a reminder to "Be Calm."

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