All The Trimmings



~All The Trimmings~
One of my favorite winter books is, "A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree," as it presents many of Nature's animals trimming a tree that has become a protecting friend over the years, but never a tree taken home by anyone to trim.
Details... it's the little things that make something simple, yet spectacular at the same time.  Sometimes a voice whispers to us that the tiniest, daintiest adornments can be exactly the right trimming. Other times, a voice yells telling us to go all out and deck those halls! Whatever trimmings your own heart wishes to bring to life, remember that simple or complex, big or small, they are sure to warm the hearts of all those you choose to gather with this season.
Wear this dazzling, tiny trimming around your wrist as a special detail to give that extra bit of sparkle as you prance right through this joyous holiday season!

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