Winter Wanderings Bracelet



~The Winter Wanderings Bracelet~

So the saying goes~ not all who wander are lost... For some, the pleasure comes all throughout the journey. These individuals possess a strong longing for or an impulse towards wandering.  Traveling to new places and wandering into the unknown can be good for the soul... Maybe more of us need a reminder to listen to that voice deep inside telling us to take those journeys and wander on...

Where does the winter wanderlust wander? ... ~anywhere it pleases... through snow...over ice... all with ease and complete pleasure seeking out treasures hidden by the Winter's chill. Where does a slight chill in the air take you? Does it lead to your discovery of beautifully silent, serene views while snowshoeing or skiing about? Does it bring you indoors nearer to family and friends to share moments worthy of remembering? Does it lead you on journeys to destinies far away from the cold? Wherever winter chills drift you to, wander with them to uncover great treasures and create memories to last a lifetime through.

Look for magic and wonder everywhere you wander... if one does not look for magic, he will never find it...

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