Nature's Luster



~Nature's Luster~

The reflective top of water, the glimmering exterior of a snowflake, the gleaming exposed surface of rocks, tiny sparkling dewdrops on blades of grass, the iridescent scales of fish, the dazzling sheen of the exterior of shells- what do they all share in offering the fortunate eye passing by? The magnificent treat of Nature's Luster... Dangled ever so freely right in front of one's own shining eyes. As a part of Nature, we may be drawn to such tiny, amazingly beautiful occurrences.

Wear this radiant arm adornment as a reminder that you too possess a luster. You can shine, sparkle, and glow from within anytime you wish. Opalite, silver, and hematite compliment one another while each adds its own element of luster. Twinkle on!

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